Album Covers of Tobin Mueller

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Best of Tobin Mueller
Volumes 1-5, 2023
Best of Tobin Mueller
Volumes 1-5, 2023
Solo Piano, 2024
Jazz Fusion, 2022
Standard Deviations
Jazz Standards, 2018
Come In Funky
Original Jazz/Funk, 2014
The Muller's Wheel
Original Jazz, 2011
What Survives - Radio Edits
Original Jazz, 2020
Instead of Heaven
solo piano, 2021
Progressive Rock, 2019
Puzzle People
Spoken Word, 2021
solo piano/spoken word, 2017
Of Two Minds
solo piano, 2016
solo piano, 2015
Midwinter Born
solo piano, 2013
13 Masks
solo piano, 2006
Morning Whipspers
solo piano, 2005
Rain Bather
Jazz, 2009
lf I Could Live Long Enough
Pop Rock & Jazz, 2016
Song of Myself
Voice/Piano, 2012
Hard Place To Find
Voice/Piano, 2013
September 11 Project
Pop Rock, 2011
A Bit of Light
Pop Fusion, 2007
I Want to Know
Youth Musical, 1990
Best of the CenterStage Years
Youth Musicals, 1988-1992
Audiocracy: Revolution's Son
Progressive Rock, 2008

Robin Hood
Musical, 1990
Frankenspell Superstar
Musical, 1992
To Save the Planet
Youth Musical, 1991
Say "Yes" to Life
Youth Musical, 1989

Mickey Spleen Saves the Day
Youth Swing Musical, 1994
Music of the Planets
Youth Musical, 1987
Danger Dinosaurs!
Youth Musical, 1988
The Sound of Money
Youth Musical, 1989


Tobin at Factory Underground
photo by John Shyloski

photo by John Shyloski

Close-up at Factory Underground
photo by John Shyloski

1992 Concert Poster