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AUDIOCRACY: Revolution's Son
from the album Revolution's Son
Audiocracy lyrics
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Did you miss it?
Did it pass you by?
Raise me up. Raise me up, Revolution.

I dreamed it in childhood a simple thing
inside me like fathers with eyes that sting:
a child, a cradle, a mother sings,
a hero, a story, an opening...

Raise me, raise me, raise me.
Raise me, raise me, raise me up.

Lullabies and bullets.
Pens and shiny swords.
Can you ever not feel it?
Blood and the umbilical cord:
To be the one, the true son,
with eyes like knives and a Mother's song,
a better man, a Son of Revolution?

All the hopes, can I let them down?
All the stars I have counted, what is their sum?
All the lives, accumulation
within me. What am I waiting for?
Within in me. What am I waiting for?
What am I waiting for?
What are we waiting for?

Pull it down from the mountain.
Read it off of parchment clean.
Reflected there, from the blood in the streets.
How many times must it repeat, repeat, repeat?

All the changing,
did it pass you by?
Raise me up! Raise me up!

Freedom, freedom come alive.

Freedom is a dream.
Freedom is a dance.
Freedom is a song.
Freedom is a chance.

In the outlaw love of a Mother,
beyond every law is the cradle.
Rebellion is a lullaby
to the boy inside, the boy inside.
Beyond every law of the father
is the tearing off of the labels
for the boy inside to realize
the boy inside, the boy inside.

Raise me up! Raise me up!

Don't miss the changes...
Don't miss the changes... the change is me, the change is you.
Don't miss the changes...


Lead vocals, Olympia 5-string bass: Twøn
Vocals, organ, synths, drums: Tobin Mueller
Guitars: Darren Chapman
Vocal Engineering: Al Ligammari
©2005 Tobin Mueller

Revolution's Son

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