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AUDIOCRACY: Gethsemane Again
from the album Revolution's Son
Audiocracy lyrics
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Time is running
Time is running out
for me

Give me the lines
I need my lines before I enter on the stage

See how the courtroom is filled
See all camera eyes, the guillotine teeth,
the skeleton hands that point me to the chair
(put me in my place)
the only empty chair

Time is running on hope
Time is running out on what I believe and long for
Time is running out on everything that I thought
was true and would come to pass
as holy

"Put your hand on the book"
"Put your hand over your heart"
"Put your hand in mine"
"Place your hands over your eyes"
If you can't feel my wounds
How can you ask me to die?
Give me something to say to them
Something to say that is true...

One day I'm waking.
The next I'm falling asleep.
Small dreams for saving.
Big dreams for losing
in the wake of the mess that we make our lives.

Why can't it come now?
What is there waiting?
Who is it I hear?
Where are the places over and always and beyond time?

I take my hands from the book.
I take my hands from my eyes.
I find the wounds on my side.
No words will heal. I choose my life.

One day I'm waking.
The next I'm falling asleep.
Small dreams for saving.
Small dreams I will not give away to the Fathers or Sons of Time.

There was a time, there was a garden...
no one fell asleep...

(I remember dreaming)
There was a time I was pardoned from all I keep inside.

Time is running out
on everything I thought was true and holy...

Time is running with me


Vocals, organ, synths, Trilogy fretless bass, guitars, percussion: Tobin Mueller
Vocals: Twøn
©2007 Tobin Mueller

Revolution's Son

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