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AUDIOCRACY: Escape Into The Fray Zone
from the album Revolution's Son
Audiocracy lyrics
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"Hide along, come hide along with me"
"Hide along, come hide along with me..."
in the cave of the crowd

Walls like snakes the slip inside
Cracks and holes were you can hide
Lies like surgeons cutting through
leaving crumbs and simple clues

Resist them. Resist them.
Escape into the Fray Zone...

Unravel all that is too tight
Try to shield what's left inside
Life pretends if you survive
Its all worth their hopeful prize

Resist the. Resist them.
Escape into the Fray Zone...

Oh, ah, oh, I
Cannot remember what it was I was waiting for

We need you now, more than you know
We need a lost, forgotten soul
to sow

Am I to rise like Frankenstein?
Electrify and certify the dead?

We need you now, to understand
We need you now for something grand
to sow

There's too much blood within this cup
too many weapons that refuse to give up

Now, now, now is the Time of Man
it's said

Poisons in the mind
spill out like thirsty crimes new fed

Their food supply, this food supply must end
Reap what you sow

(Remember what it was you were fighting for?)

Lost and limp, drained of hope and sin
Deep within, waiting to begin
'Neath the skin, a new origin
Once again a new vision waits

How could it work?
Must make it work.
Can I rearrange what I am
like a puzzle from sep'rate pieces
Such a patchwork, how could it work?
The broken threads of my life have frayed.
And what if I walk? Can I just walk
back into a life I betrayed
like a shadow
that haunts the sunlight wishing to see?
I'll never see
There are no eyes that I trust
No wrongs that can make this life right

Find a miraculous touch
that unlocks precious knowledge
to reach past the edge
past the fledgling teachings
History can offer us,
Mysteries will scoff at us
Beyond all wisdom a vision will beckon

Nothing knows me
Nothing holds me
Nothing forms around my life
except each motion
that restores me
and unfolds me
Nothing holds me back
I am an angel of life

Life pretends when you survive.
I can find the hopeful prize.

Resist them, resist them. Escape into the Fray Zone...

Over the world. I am over the world.
I can see all the world. It is opened.
Opened to me, it has opened to me.
All the worlds that will be, I have spoken.
Broken the spell, I have broken the spell.
I have breathed and expelled new creation.
No longer held by the old equation,
by our fear of the grave, I have come to save
with a new salvation.


Vocals: Twøn
Vocals, organ, synths, piano, drum programming: Tobin Mueller
Guitars: Darren Chapman
©1992, 2007 Tobin Mueller

Revolution's Son

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